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A Memorable Night for a Mesmerising film about a unique River

Does a ladybird know what a border is? Does a leaf? If a river could speak what would it tell us? These are just some of the questions posed in the latest offering by Italian director and producer Alessandro Negrini about the river which flows through the city he has made his home; namely the River Foyle in Derry. Tides: A history of dreams lost and Found (some broken) is an imaginative, thought provoking film which gives a voice to the river itself, allowing it to tell the audience it’s own unique story, it’s own unique sense of place and history. Using a series of old photographs and footage from the…

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A confused Tale of a Confused Land

What happens when many voices shout in the darkness at the same time; each with it’s own message, it’s own unique set of wants and needs? That’s the question posed by My Country: a work in progress, the national theatre’s interpretation of events surrounding last year’s EU referendum. Based on a nationwide project that the National Theatre undertook in conjunction with the Playhouse among others the performance puts the voice of the voter centre stage. In the style of a television debate people representing various regions of the United Kingdom line up along side each other. Each “character” quotes directly from personal testimony of people involved in the referendum, both…

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Hauntingly fantastic: Ghostbusters… retro delights at Playhouse.

Ghostbusters like you have never experienced it before! Based on the 1930’s radio play that is said to have inspired Harold Ramis to have written the original Ghostbusters screenplay, Wireless Mystery Theatre take the audience back to the 1930’s where they meticulously recreate the original motion picture as a radio play similar to Orson Welles’ ‘War of the Worlds, (a performance so convincing at the time that audiences across the United States were convinced they were really facing an imenant alien invasion). This entertaining performance’s strength lies in it’s authenticity as the audience is tranformed back to the 1930’s.Complete with comercials for lifebhoy soap the pace is non-stop and meticulously…

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Rembrandt exhibition at the Ulster Museum

One of the most iconic pieces of European art has recently finished a stint on display at the Ulster Museum. Rembrandt at the age of 63; while being one of his most celebrated portraits, was also one of his last. I had seen this collection before in the national gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh and can honestly say that the painting has lost none of its aura in the intervening years. The painting was on loan at the Ulster Museum from the National Gallery in London as part of the National Gallery Masterpiece tour which is going around a number of galleries and museums around the UK. Among other portraits…

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Review of Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead; shown as part of the Nerve Centre’s current program, is an off the wall tale of a week in the life of legendery jazz musician Miles Davis, written and starring Don Cheadle. The basic premise of the film involves Davis and aspiring music journalist (played by Ewan McGregor) running around Los Angeles in a car chasing gangsters who have stolen Davis’ records. In between car chases, parties, and drug fueled arguements you get a glimpse of a Miles Davis that is unknown to most, a man who is in love, the subject of that love being Frances Taylor, proported to be the one true love (other than jazz)…

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