Warehouse Gallery Summer Exhibition

A wealth of artistic talent from around the northwest gathered at the Warehouse Gallery in Derry on Thursday night for the opening of their summer exhibition. Among the many great work on display were paintings in oil, sculptures moulded from clay to expressive figures in cartoon form reminiscent of characters from children's books. Dawn by … Continue reading Warehouse Gallery Summer Exhibition

Anneliese Gregg Exhibition opening

Anneliese Gregg reflects the characters she paints, full of colour, vibrancy and emotion. She has lived a life of adventure many of us can only dream of; having lived in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery for 8 years, has taught art in Brixton prison, lived in Scotland then went to build an olive farmhouse in Catalonia … Continue reading Anneliese Gregg Exhibition opening

Opening of The Underdogs Exhibition

The latest exhibition of local artist Brian Farrell opened in the Gasyard Centre on the Lecky Road in Derry last Saturday night. Farrell, whose work is heavily influenced by the likes of Kevin Bacon and Egon Schiele has developed a distinct style of his own. With titles such as Fighter, Underdog Fear, Angst, Attitude, Nerve, … Continue reading Opening of The Underdogs Exhibition

Opening of ‘Jewel of Mind’ exhibition at Playhouse

Mark Luukas has been painting for over twenty years. Although born in Chester England in 1979 Derry has been Mark's home nearly all of his life. He has been painting for twenty years, finding it relaxing and a great way of reflecting the world around him. Mark sold his first work at the age of … Continue reading Opening of ‘Jewel of Mind’ exhibition at Playhouse

Colin Davidson – Silent Testimony

It's hard to picture for those who did not live through it what the troubles were like, the shootings, the bombings, the lost of a loved one. In┬áSilent Testimony by Colin Davidson comes a different way of telling the story. Not a dramatic blockbuster film, or a thought-provoking play or a touristic re-telling of the … Continue reading Colin Davidson – Silent Testimony

In search of the lost moment

The year 1968 was a year of revolution. From Philadelphia, to Paris to Prague people were on the march demanding their rights; no more were people willing to experience discrimination. The Lost Moment is an exhibition of photos from a number of flashpoints throughout the world. The exhibition starts with an immensely sized photo of Martin … Continue reading In search of the lost moment

Rembrandt exhibition at the Ulster Museum

One of the most iconic pieces of European art has recently finished a stint on display at the Ulster Museum. Rembrandt at the age of 63; while being one of his most celebrated portraits, was also one of his last. I had seen this collection before in the national gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh and … Continue reading Rembrandt exhibition at the Ulster Museum