The books that inspire; long after the last page is turned, the plays, operas, and orchestra’s which touch the heart long after the final curtain falls and the films which inspire, thrill and entertain long after the final credits roll, this is the purpose of the pages contained within. The films, books, plays and sounds reviewed on this site may not be current screenings, or the latest hit from Broadway, but those forms of entertainment that grab the attention. We might at times speak about what makes a particular type of film or art movement special and why certain elements of popular culture draw the attention. These pages hope above all to give true and honest insight into why attention has been drawn to certain features.

If you have an event in and around the country and wish Culture Journal Ireland to attend then get in touch and we will try our best to attend.


If you like what Culture Journal Ireland do and would like to help with running costs we would be happy to receive any help you can give. 

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