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Dead Still: a subtly comic macabre delight

Set in 19th Century Dublin Dead Still first shown in Ireland during Halloween weekend, staring Michael Smiley as memorial photographer Brock Blennerhasset. The plot and the feel of the entire show is just exactly what was needed for the Halloween season, macabre and comically delightful in equal and suitable measures, the plot of this particular episode revolved around the death of a young lady who’s true love was not approved by her family. As a result the young lady was buried without the attendance of her fiancé or the ring which he gave her. The hilarity is commenced when her fiancé tries to enlist the help of Brock in order…

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Citizens of Boomtown; A Reminiscence for the rebels of Ireland

Bob Geldof is probably best known today for being responsible for helping to launch the careers of the likes of Chris Evens, Danise Van Outen and his ate wife Paula Yates. Before that however he was single handily responsible for one of the greatest televisual and music phenomena’s of all-time in the form of Live Aid; a concert held at London’s Wembley Stadium in aid of famine victims in Ethiopia which was beamed across the world. Before that however Bob Geldof was the charismatic frontman of one of the biggest bands to come out of Ireland in the 1970’s and 80’s. Citizens of Boomtown, shown recently on RTÉ 2 tells…

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