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We All Want to be Normal People

It’s taken Culture Journal Ireland a while to get into this one, but with seemingly everyone talking about Normal People, for one reason or another, we felt it was about time we cast our eye across this much hyped phenomenon. Based on the novel by the same name by Sally Rooney and directed by award winning directors Lennie Abrahamson and Hettie McDonald, the series is set in a fictional co. Sligo town and in the latter stages Dublin. The two main characters played by Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal, are key two the whole thing. The two leads are likable and seem like a natural fit on screen. In…

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Darkest Hour, perhaps Gary Oldman’s finest, but not Churchill’s.

Billed as one of Gary Oldman’s greatest performances, for which he was nominated for the best actor in a leading role oscar, this it undoubtedly is. But, shown on the BBC recently as part of their commemoration of VE Day, is it any good or is it just the usual predicted jingo-fest? Well the simple answer is both yes and no. The film sees Britain’s previous prime minister Neville Chamberlain still in power. Many within his own party (if you didn’t know it you could easily predict that it’s the Tories) are against going to war as they believe they’d loose and instead want to come to a settlement with…

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Maze – A sad tale with a disappointing ending

|*If you have not seen this film please be aware that this review contains slight spoilers* Maze, shown on television recently, tells the story of one of the biggest prison breakouts in Europe when in 1983 thirty eight IRA prisoners breakout of a prison which the film takes it’s name from. This is a film which this particular reviewer wanted to like, the premise is interesting, the plot and the synopsis builds the film up as a tense, Hitchcock-esque exploration of two characters in particular. The plot focuses on Larry Marley, played as ably as ever by Love/Hate‘s Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and prison warden Gordon Close, played by Barry Ward, who…

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Fargo – You have to go a long way to beat it!

One of the good things about the current situation and the isolation that goes on with it is the great films that are being shown. ITV4 in the UK showed one of the modern day classics recently and it’s only when you see it; after perhaps not having seen it for a while, that you realise just how good it is. The thing about the Coen brothers and the sort of films that they make is that they speak of an America that very few had seen up until then. The film sees amateur kidnappers Carl Showalter, played by Steve Buscemi and Gaear Grimsrud, played by Peter Stormare, leave a…

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