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Gerry Ryan: A Legacy

He could be both controversial and compassionate, funny and frantic all in one go. Above all else Gerry Ryan was a unique broadcaster, often pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable in Irish broadcasting. Born into the leafy suburbs of Clontarf, Gerry lived with his Father and Mother who, as the programme states, was a member of the theatrical Bourke family and who’s sister was married to Eamon Andrews, she was also related, on her grandparents side to non other than Brendan Behan. Also when the young Gerry Ryan went to school he would become best mates with the nephew of one Mr Charles J. Haughey, with connections like this…

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A Woman’s Heart with the RTÉ concert orchestra

More than thirty years after its initial release the RTÉ concert orchestra, together with two of the singers who featured on the original album, along with a new addition, namely Eleanor McEvoy, Maura O’Connell and Wallis Bird gathered before a live audience at the opera House in Wexford to perform a selection of songs. Some from the original album, some a personal selection of newer songs from each of the artists. First on stage was Eleanor McEvoy with I Hear You Breathing In, a song McEvoy originally recorded in 2001 and which appeared on the album Yola. This time round it was just as abley performed and got the audience…

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Romero: an underappreciated biopic

Some of these films can be off the wall and zany, others are more straightforward and serious. It is the latter treatment which most biopics are treated including, in this case the life of Oscar Romero the archbishop of San Salvador from 1976? until his death in 1980. The film stars Raul Julia in what is perhaps his most unusual, yet nonetheless, one of his most powerful roles as an actor. The film follows Romero shortly before his installation as archbishop of San Salvador, he is seen as an influential figure and one which the people respect. When he becomes archbishop it is hoped that this will lesson his influence…

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The Lobster

The Lobster, Yorgos Lanthimos’ dystopian, surreal comedic drama is set in a world where single people are made to find a partner otherwise, within forty five days, face the bizarre prospect of being turned into a wild animal. Anyone who has been a single person at a wedding: being told, “you’re next”, or asked “do you have a girlfriend these days”; almost as if there’s something wrong with you if you are single can relate to this one. Set in a non-descript world (but actually filmed in the serene surroundings of The Park Hotel in the picturesque Co. Kerry town of Kenmare, is something that anyone who has faced an…

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