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I Went Down – An 90’s Irish classic

Long before there was The Gentleman, or Snatch or even Lock, Stock et al, there was I Went Down. Featuring a relatively young and unknown Brendan Gleeson and Peter McDonald, who was recently seen in RTE’s Dublin Murders, I Went Down is an off the wall relatively light-hearted (if such a thing exists) modern Irish gangster flick. Long before Dublin and other parts of Ireland, (aside perhaps from “the black north”) were riddled with the scourge of gangland violence, before even Nidge and co arrived on our screens with Love/Hate, I Went Down tells the story of “Git”, played by McDonald who has just been released from jail. He is…

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Dark Waters  are lurking to inevitably

Dark Waters revolves around the findings of New York Times journalist Nathaniel Rich. Starring Mark Ruffallo: who film fans will have been more used to seeing as Bruce Banner and his comic book superhero alter-ego The Hulk in the Avengers series of films. In Dark Waters he plays a very true-to-life character in the form of corporate lawyer Rob Billet. When Billet is contacted by a farmer in his hometown in West Virginia about pollution on his land he finds himself at odds wh the law firm he works for, who are more accustomed to representing the big guy than the little one. At the heart of the case is…

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