As the first month of 2020 draws to a close sn important event os to take place, one of profound importance to this island and in particular to a special city on the cusp of a barren wilderness – no not that one. In so far as possible we here at CJI we refuse to acknowledge the “B-word”. Instead, we would like to turn the attention of the reader to the wonderful news that from 30th January Tides, a mesmerizing work of wondrous creativity, a visual delight which tells the story of the river Foyle in Derry. The film is the work of one time Derry resident Alessandro Negrini whose imagination has made an art form out of this unique piece of water. At a screening in London last year Negrini said of his film, “I hope that my film continues to infect people with the desire to listen to their forgotten dreams: to resurrect what they have put away in drawers years ago and forgotten about. I hope that in my own poetic way I have helped to tell the story of some of the things that have been put in those drawers, that I have resurrected forgotten dreams for people.”

Alessandro Negrini, director of Tides, pictured at The Gold Movie Awards in London last year.

The river Foyle flows through the city of Derry out into a lough which spans three counties on either side of the Irish border and out into the North Atlantic ocean.

The film is available to stream on, an Italian website dedicated to the streaming independent cinema. There are already hundreds if films included on the platform with new titles being added every week. The website is in Italian, however, this should not put the casual viewer whose knowledge of the language is rusty at best as any film you are looking for is reasonably simple to find. There are two subscription rates, one at £4.49 per month or £45 for the entire year. For more information log on to For more information on Alessandro Negrini, the director of Tides and his other films log onto If you would like to read a review of Tides we refer you to CJI’s very own view of the film when it debuted in it’s city of birth in 2017 @