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A Bump Along the Way – Derry Girls meets The Snapper

With a largely female cast and crew, A Bump Along the Way is the latest to put Derry on the big screen. It follows the exploits of single mother Pamela and her best friend Sinead all watched over in disgust by Pamela’s teenage daughter Allegra. What makes A Bump Along the Way special is its realist script, it follows on from the success of Derry Girls, (an obvious reference given the film’s setting). It also has elements of the humour of Roddy Doyle’s The Snapper which was bringing Irish humour to an international audience thirty years ago. The part of Allegra is played by Lola Pettigrew (which some might remember…

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Dublin Murders

Based upon the novels of Tana French, Dublin Murders starts with detectives Riley and Maddocks being called to a crime scene where a body has been discovered in the local woods. From here on a web of intrigue and mystery abounds as the detectives try to discover the truth, but is it in their best interests. As the plot develops you realise that each of the leading characters have are complicated in their own way, each with their own secrets, giving them a depth that enhances the storyline. Dublin Murders is bleak, dark and dramatic in the same vain as some of the best European crime dramas being made today….

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Paris, a beautiful musical experience of a beautiful city

Back to a time of smoke filled bars down shady side streets. A golden age of French song is where audiences were taken by an award winning Christine Bovil, who made her debut at the Edinburgh fringe festival more than ten years ago. With hero’s like Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf floating in the air the songstress takes you on a musical journey through post war Paris, creating an air of authenticity that makes you feel as if you have lived in the city all of your life. Having given up her job as a teacher to persue her musical career Bovill breezes through a classic French songbook with great…

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Anne Patterson Song of Songs

Anne Patterson’s collection at Derry’s Warehouse gallery really is something to behold. Too ornate to simply hang in any gallery, too spectacular to be locked up in a case in a museum, unlooked upon, unappreciated. Anne Patterson’s collection at Derry’s Warehouse gallery is something to behold. Too ornate to simply hang in any gallery, too spectacular to be locked in the case of a museum, un-looked upon, unappreciated. Song of Songs speaks of times gone by, of childhood, of long innocent days at school with life ahead of you. The collection is both bizarre and brilliant, catching the viewer by surprise upon approach. Several of the pieces on display seem…

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