From the south west of France, via Australia, Africa and then back again. Musically this is where Zorg comes from. From the region of Occitan, the band also perform/sing in their own dialect of the same name, which comes both geographically and linguistically somewhere between France and Spain. You might not think it but in a strange kind of way it works and on a quiet Tuesday night in Bennigans in Derry they unleashed themselves on an unsuspecting crowd. The atmosphere had been building up for hours. The band were advertised as taking to the stage at 8, but didn’t start until 11 – it didn’t matter. The crowd by this stage were whipped up into a frenzy of uncontrollable excitement.

The music that the band play could be described as some sort of weird afro-celtic Australian aboriginal mix which is reflective of both the bands own routes as well as the many influences that the band have gathered on their travels. To begin with you begin to wonder what you have let yourself in for when the trio arrive on stage with their strange array of costumes and a collection of instruments from around the globe including the fiddle, familiar to so many of use here in Ireland. Next in the musical travel around the globe you have Cajun didgeridoos and finally an mbira, a strange kind of plucked instrument the size of your average smartphone.

As someone who subscribes to all things “exotic” when it comes to all things cultural, be it film, music or something else, this particular reviewer is often looked upon strangely by even the closest of friends for listening to music the words of which they do not understand. However the natural (and correct) response is that pop music as we know it is only roughly about fifty or sixty years old, also more recently music has come to mean something with very little, if any understandable lyrics at all. So I urge you one and all ladies and gentlemen to get out there and get your Zorg on.

If you would like to get a taste of what Zorg sounds like for yourself visit Culture Journal Ireland’s youtube channel