The summer is well under way and many of us will have taken to sunnier climbs in order to experience new scenery or a different way of life. Many of us struggle to learn enough of the native tongue of our chosen destination to even get by on.

Fluent in Three Months by Benny Lewis, originally published in 2014 by Harper Collins presents itself as a language guide for any language that enables you to be fairly fluent in just three months.

Now what magic tricks are used in this process I hear you ask? Well on the surface it would appear to be an awful lot of confidence coupled together with an awful lot of practice. Don’t get me wrong, throughout the book Benny Lewis does dispense an awfull lot of invaluable advice.

Whether or not it translated into something quite as lengthy as Fluent in Three Months. What it does do however is go through each idea repetitively, and when you think about it, learning in general and language learning in particular is all about repetition.What Benny Lewis helps the reader to do is gain enough confidence in order to try any  number of different routes to improving in your chosen language. He starts immediatly by dispelling the myth that you’re simply too old to start to learn a new language, or that there’s a certain gene that people who are good at languages have.#

There doesn’t seem to be any magic formula that is being offered here. Far from being revolutionary Fluent in Three Months merely reinforces the idea that, no matter what method you use to learn a new language, practicing little and often is the key.

So if you plan to go off somewhere exotic in the following month or so don’t be afraid to be up for the challenge of learning a new language, and most important of all practice, practice, practice.